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Max Q: Acronyms rule everything around me

Welcome to Max Q: NASA sees a future for nuclear energy on the moon; Epsilon3 closes funding for space industry OS; News from AWS, SpaceX and more

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Epsilon3’s space industry OS powers more than launches as it brings in $15M in new funding

The space industry is evolving, as are the tools it uses; Epsilon3 is a startup trying to make launches, satellite design, rocket manufacturing, and...

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Epsilon3 co-founder talks about building a SasS company for space

Hello and welcome back to Found, the podcasts where we tell the stories behind the startups. This week Darrell and Jordan talked with Laura Crabtree,...

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Epsilon3 lines up $2.8M seed round to modernize space and launch operations

You’ve got a hundred-million-dollar mission — why are you using software built in the ’90s to design and launch it? That’s the...

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Co-founded by a leader of SpaceX’s missions operations, Epsilon3 wants to be the OS for space launches

Laura Crabtree spent a good chunk of her childhood watching rocket launches on television, and her entire professional career launching rockets,...

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