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OSOM’s OV1 is now Solana’s web3 Android handset, Saga

OSOM and Nothing have quickly become two of the most fascinating companies operating the smartphone space in recent years. Nothing is the latest...

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OSOM talks its first phone, ahead of a Q4 release

Mobile World Congress was going to be OSOM’s big debut. After a few months of teases, the North American (U.S./Canadian) smartphone maker formed in...

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Yali Bio wants to fatten up plant-based foods

Yali Bio is using precision fermentation to build up a microbial strain library of fats that plant-based companies can use instead of oils as the...

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After Essential’s failure, OSOM plans a new privacy-first handset

Last year’s Essential implosion marked one of the most high-profile consumer electronics startup failures in recent memory. Launched in 2017 with...

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DJI’s latest GoPro competitor is a stunner, but can’t handle the heat

DJI’s second-generation GoPro killer couldn’t look better… on paper. The stunning little Action 2 is compact and boasts a...

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