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Formerly rich NFT buyers party through the pain

Welcome back to Chain Reaction. Last week, we talked about infinite pessimism in the crypto markets. This week, we’re talking about parties and...

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Fintech infrastructure startup Prime Trust raises $100M to add IRAs, crypto staking

The crypto infrastructure space is still hot despite the recent market downturn because it's a bet on adoption, Prime Trust's CFO said

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Jeffrey Katzenberg backs the $10M seed round for HUBUC’s embedded finance API

I recently wrote about the so-called “Embedded finance” trend, citing the example of Intergiro’s recent fundraising in the space. There’s now...

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Big banks rush to back Greenwood, Killer Mike’s Atlanta-based digital bank for underrepresented customers

Before even taking its first deposit, Greenwood, the digital banking service targeting Black and Latino individuals and business owners, has raised...

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