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Patreon CEO Jack Conte is fed up with Instagram and Facebook

"To me, this seems over the long run like Meta fighting creators, instead of respecting that creators run the show now"

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A major Patreon survey shows that most creators don’t want crypto payments

Patreon announced the results of its creator census, which invited the community to share feedback about how the fan membership platform can best...

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Patreon CPO says the company will double in size in 2022

Creator monetization startups are cropping up left and right as the tech world embraces the fast-growing creator economy. But Patreon, founded in...

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Foody cooks up marketplace for culinary creators

Husband-and-wife co-founders Daniel and Brenna Stitzel have developed a way for foodies to monetize their culinary creations.

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Patreon confirms it’s exploring crypto as a way for creators to make money

Patreon CEO and co-founder Jack Conte and Chief Product Officer Julian Gutman spoke on a panel at The Information’s 2021 Creator Economy...

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