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Podcastle hops on the video podcast trend with its latest update

As video-led podcasts become highly favored by listeners, Podcastle, which was primarily an audio recording and editing studio, is introducing a new...

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RIP iPod, you walked so smartphones could run

A long, long time ago before the iPod, MP3 players were badly designed devices with insufficient storage. The market was ripe for a change, and Steve...

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Podcasters, get ready to find out how many followers you have on Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts follower counts have never been visible, but next month podcasters will be able to see this data on the private Apple Podcasts Connect...

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New modes of ownership: From torrents to music NFTs

Let’s take a breath and give creators room to explore this new space. And if IP law helps protect the new things that are being built, let’s...

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Apple Music brings its spatial audio and lossless streaming to Android

It takes a really specific consumer to buy an Android phone, yet use Apple Music. But the small overlap in that Venn diagram may be getting bigger....

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