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Sometimes, stealing crypto is the moral choice

The world of crypto moves quickly and sometimes, when there’s an ongoing heist, the best thing that technically savvy but ethically sound users...

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Why education is key to halting hacks like the $190M Nomad exploit

Following the loss of almost $200 million on crypto protocol Nomad, security experts insisted that more education and security protocols are...

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Hackers abuse ‘chaotic’ Nomad exploit to drain almost $200M in crypto

About 40 blockchain addresses drained $152 million, or 80%, of the stolen funds.

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Founded by Opendoor and Twilio alums, Nomad closes on $20M to ‘transform the landlord-tenant experience’

Nomad, a marketplace that aims to provide small-time rental property owners with “guaranteed rent,” has raised $20 million in a Series A funding...

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