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Beacon Power Services raises $2.7M to improve electricity access for sub-Saharan African cities

Beacon Power Services provides data and grid management solutions to help Africa’s power sector distribute electricity more efficiently.

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US investment in smart roadways will pave the path to an economic boom

The adage of "the way we've always done it" needs to fall by the wayside. Putting public investment into infrastructure is how we got...

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The energy ecosystem should move to make the ‘energy internet’ a reality

Global trends make it clear that the Next Big Thing isn’t any single thing at all. Instead, the future is about open innovation and integration of...

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InBalance Research forecasts demand for energy suppliers to ensure they optimize distribution

From distributed homes in Cambridge, Mass. and Cambridge, England, inBalance Research is joining Y Combinator as it looks to accelerate its business...

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Severe weather, blackouts show the grid’s biggest problem is infrastructure, not renewables

It’s becoming harder for the U.S. to ignore the very real effects of global climate change — and despite the efforts of naysayers,...

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