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Perceptron: AI that solves math problems, translates 200 languages, and draws kangaroos

In this edition of Perceptron, TechCrunch's AI research roundup, we look at new language models from Microsoft and Meta as well as a Google...

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AI startup Cohere launches a nonprofit research lab

Cohere, an AI startup that's raised around $170 million in venture capital, announced the launch of a nonprofit arm for research.

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Perceptron: Robots that feel pain and AI that predicts soccer players’ movements

In this edition of Perceptron, we take a look at AI systems that can "feel" pain, predict soccer players' movements, and generate...

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Perceptron: Risky teleoperation, Rocket League simulation, and zoologist multiplication

In this week's Perceptron column, we look at a Rocket League-playing AI system and a study investigating the risks of teleoperating robots.

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Microsoft claims its new tools make language models safer to use

Microsoft has released two new tools during Build 2022, AdaTest and (De)ToxiGen, can make large language models safer to use while improving their...

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Deep Science: AI cuts, flows, and goes green

TechCrunch's Deep Science column looks at the past week in scientific research. This edition touches on AI applied to recycling, among other...

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