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As companies fight to retain talent, employee benefits startups might escape cost cuts

How do employee benefits startups fare when their corporate customers start slashing costs amid a volatile market? We're going to find out if...

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What downturn? Investors remain bullish on HR tech as the Great Resignation slows

HR tech platforms are still getting a lot of investor attention, despite headwinds at the macroeconomic level that have the potential to affect their...

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Taking stock of the VC industry’s progress on diversity, equity and inclusion

Let’s be clear: The venture capital industry has lacked diversity. The good news is the industry is working to improve itself.

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When it comes to diversity in hiring, businesses are their own worst enemy

Today’s business leaders are using yesterday’s tactics in an attempt to address tomorrow’s problems.

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How to navigate an acquisition without alienating your current employees

M&As can provide a bright future for the company, but the process can be stressful. Talent is your most valuable asset, so make sure you give...

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