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When the dam breaks, IPOs are going to flow like fucking crazy

No one expects every startup worth $1 billion to be ready to go public, but the collection of billion-dollar startups that are ready to list is...

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The party’s over: Tips for tracking and reporting monthly startup expenses and revenue

With more VC funds wanting to see where every dollar is spent, it is essential CEOs understand how to accurately track and report monthly expenses...

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Data intelligence startup Near, with 1.6B anonymized user IDs, lists on Nasdaq via SPAC at a $1B market cap; raises $100M

Data intelligence company Near announced it would be listing on Nasdaq by way of a merger with KludeIn I Acquisition Corp.

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Let’s talk about the SaaS selloff

We're on the cusp of seeing investing hypothesis backed by hundreds of billions in capital being tested. Not quite yet, but so very close....

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